Hunting the Sawmill Canyon Ranch

Wildlife: Perhaps the greatest asset of the Sawmill Ranch is its wildlife resource. The ranch is ideally located on the south end of the Magdalena Mountains, providing excellent habitat for such game species as mule deer, black bear, Rocky Mountain elk, mountain Lion, antelope, Scaled quail, and Mourning dove. The ranch is also either permanent home or part‑time home to an array of non‑game species found in the transitional mountain ranges of New Mexico.

The ranch receives 8 mature bull tags—muzzle loader, and 2 either sex bow tags. They receive one antelope tag. Deer tags are offered over the counter. Bear can be hunted until the quota for that bear zone has been reached.

The transitional mountain ranges are those along the midline of the state‑those which contain elements of the northern mountains, such as aspen, spruce, and fir, and elements of the southern mountains, such as walnut, hackberry, and Arizona alder. Areas that contain this diversity are often rich in wildlife. The Sawmill Ranch is no exception.

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Of the many wildlife species present, Mule deer are typically of the greatest interest to people. Mule deer are abundant on the Sawmill Ranch. They occupy the open arid ridges, which are dotted with pinon/juniper. The ridges and associated canyons contain Mountain Mahogany and Apache Plume, which deer highly utilize as a food source. The south facing aspect of the ranch lends itself to year‑round occupation by Mule deer. The numbers increase in some winters, as deer from higher elevations move into the area.